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About Denial

Denial is a gathering of friends enjoying Wrath of the Lich King content through instances and raids.

We raid for the cheers on Vent when we down a boss for the first time. We raid for the jokes and the stories that we will tell again, when the next expac is out and all the purplez are just a memory and a shard.

In addition to raiding 25 and 10 man content, you will find most guild members playing daily, whether to level alts, run heroics, PvP, or work on their trade skills. Every player takes responsibility for their raid contribution by theorycrafting, and researching their optimal gear, specs and rotations. Everyone is expected to be on time and prepared for raids and understand that effort is required to clear new content. We won't wipe for five hours but we won't give up without a good fight either.

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